Safer Using Brochure Series
Client: Anex is a not-for-profit organisation working towards increasing understanding and improving responses to the problems arising from the use of illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals and alcohol. 

Brief: The Safer Using Series is a series of 14 brochures published in conjunction with the Department of Health, which provide advice and support on alcohol and drug related issues. Each brochure focuses on a different drug related issue and are handed out or taken free of charge from community centres around the state. Our task was to design the series in a sensitive and non-threathening way yet still state the issue strongly enough so that it communicates its purpose clearly.

Solution: Subtle, yet meaningful imagery was used to create a theme of support and key colours were used to code each topic. Limiting the size to A6 when folded meant that the brochures could be picked up by a client and discretely placed in a purse or pocket.

Result: The series has been a huge success because of it's on-shelf presence and has been a useful resource for the target audience.